NBE-5AC-19 Ubiquiti NanoBeam AC 5 GHz CPE UBNT Malaysia

nbe-5ac-19-ubiquiti-nanobeam-ac-5-ghz-cpe-ubnt-malaysia-sublimegroup-1505-26-SublimeGroup@22Main Features

• Operates in Unlicensed 5 GHz Frequency range
• Fully Integrated Design – Built-in MIMO Antenna
• Built to Last Outdoors – Weather-resistant Radio
• 802.11ac Chipset allows operation with up-to 256 QAM modulation
• Plug and Play Installation – Easy Mounting with included pole and wall mount accessories
• Ubiquiti airMax AC product – up to 3 times more performance than airMax M5
• Medium Range Links – 10 km and above
• High Throughput – up to 450 Mbps
• Military Grade Product
• Power over Ethernet (PoE) support
• Fully Functional Radio – no additional fees for licenses, capacity upgrades, etc.



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